Abu Dhabi Commercial Conciliation and Arbitration Centre

Brief Note:

Rapid developments arising from the globalization of economic activities and eliminating commercial boundaries between countries led to multiple and complicated problems resulting from the trade relations, which resolving cross-border commercial disputes through courts is not considered as a speedy and effective solution. Hence, the door is widely opened for resolving disputes through commercial arbitration considering the speedy and less costly proceedings.

Based on the tireless endeavors of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ADCCI) to provide every possible facility to its members in order to improve and stabilize their businesses. ADCCI established Abu Dhabi Commercial Conciliation and Arbitration Centre (ADCCAC) on January 3rd 1993 to be the first center in the GCC to solve national and international commercial disputes, acting as an institute to solve commercial disputes effectively and rapidly whether through conciliation or arbitration assisted by specialists in this field as well as devoting its physical and moral capabilities to stabilize justice away from the complicated procedures within the framework of privacy and confidentiality, of which the traders are keen on in their dealings.

ADCCAC aims to resolving national and international commercial disputes according to procedures that meet the needs of investors, in line with the established rules in modern arbitration, and aim to publicize the arbitral awareness within the business community.

ADCCAC offers its services and facilities to the disputing parties in order to manage the arbitration process under the best conditions; providing that, it supervises the implementation of conciliation and arbitration systems, throughout administrational and organizational services for the disputing parties, provides lists of arbitrators, experts, conciliators and translators from all specializations, organizes conferences, seminars and workshops, provides information on arbitration and prepares studies and specialized researches in arbitration in addition to other services.

The services:

  1. Resolving disputes reported to the conciliation and arbitration bodies..
  2. Providing consultancies and legal advice to the members of the Chamber concerning conciliation and arbitration.
  3. Organizing conferences, seminars and training programs to prepare and habilitate qualified arbitrators
  4. Preparing laws draft and regulations in respect of conciliation and arbitration.
  5. Cooperating and exchanging expertise with prominent regional and international arbitration institutes.
  6. Providing information, data, studies and researches relevant to conciliation and arbitration.
  7. Preparing lists of experts, translators, conciliators and arbitrators from all specialties.
  8. Providing organizational and administrational services and facilities for the disputing parties and the conciliation and arbitration bodies.

Our Vision:

Alternative judicial podium to resolve commercial and investment disputes that simulate the best international practices, based on the independency from any party. the Arbitration Jurisdiction drives from the Principle of The Autonomy of Will which is legally approved, moreover, its procedures to be inspired from the UNCITRAL rules and renders a judicial ruling having a precise technical meaning which fulfill the proof, enforcement, stability and executive power.

Our Mission:

Building an independent, effective and just structure for the mechanisms of conciliation and arbitration to serve the local and international business community, strengthening the culture of alternative judiciary along with its key role in attracting direct investments and preparing national elite of experienced arbitrators and experts in international commercial arbitration.

Our Core-Value:

Absolute independency and neutrality, honesty in managing arbitrations, preserving the rights of the defense, secrecy and confidentiality, speed, responsibility, affiliation, distinction in performance and working with the spirit of one team.

Our Strategic Targets:

  • To be the first choice for national and international companies and establishments operating in the fields of trade, financial, investment and property sectors in the UAE.
  • Building an internal system that ensures quality of conciliation mechanisms and techniques, and managing arbitrational procedures.
  • Supporting and encouraging scientific publications from books, magazines and booklets.
  • Preparing and habilitating national cadres who are capable to undertake their responsibilities initiating to populate the Arbitration Judiciary.